Shock Defence Systems The best way to protect and secure
your property is to shock the offenders during the act.

Our team have backgrounds in high end camera technology, electronics
and making the unusual happen. With over 20 years’ experience building
wireless, camera and engineering technology for TV, Film and
the MOD, our team strive to make the impossible a reality.

Shock Defence System is the ultimate in high end pyrotechnic smart
alarm technology. Working alongside WiFi cameras, this alarm system
is the loudest and brightest on the market and will temporarily
incapacitate any intruder. It can be activated by an app from any location.

Monitor your security and CCTV systems, on your SMART phone, from anywhere around the world.

Receive instant notifications as soon as someone enters your grounds, even in remote locations.

Protect your property, business, garage or entire farm with state of the art security equipment.

Security and CCTV Systems

We specialise in SMART technology utilising some of the top brands in security systems, to work alongside our more specialised custom built items.

FAST 4G Rural Broadband Internet

Unlimited data with 30 day to 18 month contracts.
Routers, antennas, SIM cards and full installation. When BT lines can't offer you fast Broadband we can!

Large Area WiFi Networks

We can install long range point to point network bridges up to 20km range. Or large area WiFi for access points inside or outdoors.