Internet for Business, Home and remote locations.
Ulimited data contracts for 1 month to 24 months.

Increase your download and upload speeds - Average 25mb/s up to 50mb/s

Are you experiencing low speed and temperamental internet through your landline? Where upload speeds are simply too slow to facilitate any security cameras or systems? We have the solution. With our unique skills and custom-built equipment, we can install fast 4G broadband to almost any location, even if it doesn't have mains power.

Speeds will vary in different areas around the UK. It is best to install our antenna as high as possible, but sometimes a wall mounting can prove to be sufficient.

If you dont like the antenna being white, we paint it any colour you like to ensure it blends in naturally in rural areas.

Service providers and contract options
1 month to 24 month contracts

    Vodafone have recently become the cheapest service provider for unlimited 4G broadband.
    Vodafone generally achieve the fastest speeds in good signal areas
    £16.50/month on a 12 month contract.

    Three offer good value unlimited contracts
    Their speeds are nearly as good as Vodafone but they generally don't cover such a large area
    £25/month on a 24 month contract

    EE led the game in 4G broadband but are now lagging behind with currently no unlimited deals.
    If EE is the only provider that works in your area then we suggest a 30 day rolling contract.
    This way you're not tied to anything for too long when they eventually catch up with the others
    £35/month on a 1 month rolling contract for 100GB of data

These are currently the best service plans and deals, however there are many other options avalible.
When we visit you to complete a site survery we will test each one to see which service has the best signal and speeds in your area.

Prices and Options

All prices quoted here are subject to a full site survey and network test.
We will install a site specific 4G antenna which connects into the best router for your needs. This optimises the 4G reception and guarantees the fastest connection possible. The routers provided by carrier networks will not be optimal for rural locations.
In most cases Option 1 will be sufficient to receive 20mb/s or more.