Shock and deter any intruder instantly!

Shock Defence Systems The best way to protect and secure
your property is to shock the offenders during the act.

Designed with the same technology that the special forces use to enter a building full of terrorists.

An app based smart alarm system that will temporarily incapacitate any intruder.
This alarm is like no other on the market and it is the last line in corporate or even home defence.
Working alongside WiFi cameras, this alarm system is the loudest and brightest on the market that will temporarily incapacitate any intruder.

It can be activated by an app from any location.
• This is a professional alarm unit.
• Designed for high end security.
• It is constructed from 8mm steel plate.
• Built in battery and WiFi with optional 4G back up.
• It has a first, very loud alarm sounder to scare off and alert intruders.
• The last line of defence is three, individually triggered pyrotechnic flash maroons.
These are similar to what the special forces use to temporarily disorientate and incapacitate suspects, without causing any injury or harm.
• Safety arming key that gives you 10 seconds to vacate once the key is turned.


    Starting from £1750 plus VAT without 4G backup.
    The 4G backup is an additional £150 plus a monthly data contract from a supplier.
    A box of 3 replacement pyrotechnic maroons are £50 plus VAT.
    We recommend these maroons are replaced annually to ensure the system is always armed and ready.
    We also offer an annual maintenance service. For this we will:-
    • Replace your pyrotechnics and dispose of the old ones.
    • Clean and vacuum out the device.
    • Change the internal backup battery.
    • Fully test the system is working and not been tampered with.
    This maintenance contract is £275 per year or £25 per month.

In some rural outdoor locations we can install a cheaper system without the obvious steel box.
You will still get the shock and awe from the app based alarm but without a contained steel unit.

Contact us for advice or to get us out to perform a site survey and go through the different options.