We specialise in SMART CCTV, Alarms and switching

This is a standalone 4G WiFi unit, designed to run continuously at an outdoor location. Beaming out high speed internet for any of your security systems to connect to.

It comes in a rugged waterproof and lockable hard case which can be hidden, locked away or mounted in a secure area.

The unit has built in batteries designed to last up 7 days without the solar panel. However, with the solar panel connected it will be maintenance free.

It’s WiFi network will operate up to 40m line of sight and can handle up to 16 devices at any one time.
This can connect up to 16 Ring cameras to the internet.

Ring cameras have instant notifications
and excellent picture quality day and night

You can put these cameras anywhere, even to guard one of your chicken houses.
The built in IR LED flood lights any area up to 15m.

We can paint your cameras any colour or texture you need in order
for it to blend in discretely to your location
£45 per camera for this service

We will supply you with a pay as you go data SIM. You can change the contract with the supplier any time.

Contact us for advice or to get us out to perform a site survey and go through the different options.